Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Welcome to my new Blog

Many of you ask me what you can do to help.  Help me remember the truth by remembering your Self.  The mantras of perfection of Siddha Yoga translate as:

This is perfect
That is perfect
From the perfect springs the perfect
When the perfect is taken from the perfect,
Only the perfect remains.

Hail to the Master, the one who has revealed the truth to me.

My teacher is Gurumayi and she says, "Everything happens for the best.".  I may not understand it but I can trust that it is so.  I entered this university called the earth plane to learn my lessons of love, to serve love, to share the teachings of love, to offer love and ultimately to merge into that great love.  I trust that I am somewhere on that continuum and that my journey is the perfect roadmap for me in my unfolding.  Gurumayi says there are treasures hidden in every occurrence of every kind.(paraphrase) I trust that this is so.  The outpouring of love from family and friends continues and the teachings and revelations continue to unfold.  And yet it doesn't mean that I don't get frightened or thrown or feel overwhelmed or lose my temper.  But it does mean that I can remember over and over  that I can rest in the trust of my Master's guidance and love.  That's what nourishes me.
I enter her eyes and her heart and I am one with the Primordial Mother.  The pulsation of her Love is Om and holds me in the womb of her Being.  That Being is the One Source, the One Love, the One Truth.  I rest here again and again and walk as best I can with the courage and love and clarity of that attunement to Source.  It's that alignment that empowers  transformation on all levels of being.

I continue with the energy work, alternative care, diet,etc.  I am receiving blood transfusions and  I believe I’m in repair and regeneration mode and sometimes I feel stronger than others.  I discontinued the chemotherapy and steroid treatment by choice and I’m still here.  I do not wish to dialogue about the specifics of the illness.  Please hold me in the light and keep the faith.  

I’ll be sharing on this blog once or twice a week.

Walk with me on your own path of remembrance of that Great Love.  We will soak in that love together and be refreshed for our next step.

"There is enough love in one human heart to fill the entire universe."

Blessings and Peace,



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